Be Like Bigfoot-Leave No Trace

This article was originally written by Rockrunner writer David Johnson for the Daily Herald and published in the  July 3, 2009 edition of the newspaper.  To view the original article please go here. When I think about it, Bigfoot is an outdoor superhero. OK, he isn’t...

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The Robber’s Roost; An Adventure Into The Wild West

The Robber’s Roost; An Adventure Into The Wild West

This article was originally written for by writer Andy Johnson. The world has always had a fascination with the Wild West. The Wild West was one of the earliest genres of the American Film Industry. From the 1930’s to the...

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What is Canyoneering?

Over millions of years, water flowing over stone created large canyons. Some canyons are so narrow that it is impossible to squeeze through them. Some are so large they may be considered “Grand”. The act of descending these canyons is called canyoneering. Many of these canyons can be navigated by the elderly and young. Others require special equipment and technical skills. One thing is certain: this activity has everything for a evening stroll or high adventure that borders on hypothermia, and heat exhaustion within the same hour. 

An article from National Geographic defines canyoneering best with this quote:

“Canyoneering, a hybrid form of madness halfway between mountaineering and caving … hundreds descend into them by ropes, but only a handful explore new ones. These driven individuals tend to have a rugby player’s legs, knees crosshatched with scar tissue from all the scratches, a penguin’s tolerance for frigid water, a wallaby’s rock-hopping agility, and a caver’s mole-like willingness to crawl into damp, darkholes. “

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