One of the most frustrating things, for many outdoor enthusiasts, is finding someone to adventure with.  The only thing worse is finding a replacement for a former adventuring partner.  Here are five great options to help you meet a new adventuring partner.

Facebook Groups.
With the increasing popularity of social media sites, it only stands to reason that social networks would work their way into the dating market.  With some groups like Singles Adventures having more than 10k members and hosting regional activities, this could be the new thing for meeting the perfect adventurer.

Meetup has been around for a while.  I have met many great adventuring buddies and have even been an administrator for one. They aren’t bad for finding people in your immediate area but most activities are met with a great degree of flakiness. Trips are Often canceled, turn into hook-ups that could make a shady Tijuana bar do a double take, or filled with drama. They aren’t always bad, but just be prepared for what you would expect to happen when you get numerous strangers together.

Dating Sites
In the world of online dating, dating sites can be a go to if you are looking for an adventuring partner and an intimate someone.  Just make sure to read the profile to make sure they express an interest in adventure and then make sure they have pictures to prove it.

Gear swaps
Almost every single city across the United States has a gear swap.  Most of the time at gear swaps, people are very social and it’s a perfect opportunity to ask about trips, show admiration and hopefully get invited on one.

Outdoor Recreation Stores
This one is a little hit and miss.  It is usually better for people looking to get into the activity. Many times the really outdoorsy people, who work at the stores, are more than welcome to give advice and help out.  Regular customers often find themselves getting invites on trips.  You will have better luck at smaller, locally-owned outdoor stores, they are more likely to hire outdoorsy people instead of teenagers who are looking for a job.