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Logan Garments Sponsorship, Is it a Scam?  I Checked It Out So YOu Don’t Have To!

Nobody has ever accused me of being uninquisitive.  I remember one time I saw a little dancing cat on the corner of my screen, it had a little red top hat and was doing that little kick thing that they used to do in all those old movies.  Now every fiber of my being told me clicking on it was a bad idea, except my curiosity streak.  That was many years ago, and I haven’t seen the dancing top hat cat since, but I still remember the virus spawned pornado that hit my computer almost immediately after I clicked it.


​It’s this level of curiosity which drives my thirst for adventure and a storage unit full of toys necessary to fuel my next adventure.  It makes me the perfect target for questionable propositions like the next MLM which I won’t sign up for but will sit through a presentation to see what the newest gimmick is all about.

So when I get hit up on Instagram from Logan Garments, I was 100% sure what to make of it. Knowing it wasn’t legit, I turned to the mighty Bingler and searched “Logan Garments Scam.”   It popped up a couple of videos and forums about people talking about Logan Garments and how the sponsorship was a joke.


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