What Is Canyoneering? Rockruner Adventure Journal answers you.

Why would someone need to write an article explaining what canyoneering is? We don’t need to explain what hiking is or what is running or what is camping. Do we need to answer the question of what is canyoneering? Yes! Yes, we do! The reason we have to answer this question is, canyoneering is the Platypus of outdoor recreation.

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Undersea Hotels

Undersea Hotels

The Victorians were the first tourists. The rise of railways afforded these buttoned-down pleasure seekers the chance to see the world. Once the Industrial Revolution took hold and cities started to thrive, people wanted to take cure in the country. As travelers, the...

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Best Places to Meet Adventuring Partners

Best Places to Meet Adventuring Partners

One of the most frustrating things, for many outdoor enthusiasts, is finding someone to adventure with.  The only thing worse is finding a replacement for a former adventuring partner.  Here are five great options to help you meet a new adventuring partner. Facebook...

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Top 10 States For Outdoor Adventure

Top 10 States For Outdoor Adventure

  Are you a recreation junkie? Are you looking for a new place to go for adventure and fun? Here are the 10 best states in the USA for some good old fashioned recreation. Starting off our list at number 10 is the Beaver State. Oregon offers a wide array of...

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Chaco Z/2 Review

Chaco Z/2 Review

Backstory I started working in 2005 at an outdoor recreation store. One of the hottest items we carried was a funky looking sandal called Chaco’s. Everyone in the store swore by them.  The owner couldn’t get me into a pair fast enough. It wasn’t long before I learned...

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Guide to Buying a Tent

Guide to Buying a Tent

It was the fall of 2007. A group of 8 of us were camping on the Egypt plateau. In the morning we were going to begin the ultra-long trek to Neon Canyon.  However that night Tefnut, the Egyptian goddess of rain had other plans, and I learned the value of a decent tent....

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How To Dress For Winter Camping

How to Dress For  Winter Camping One of the single biggest barriers to enjoyment of winter activities is improper attire. Traditionally when we go outside during the winter, we throw on the warmest thing we can find and call it cozy. This is a great strategy if you...

Complete Guide to Winter Camping

How to Introduce Yourself To Winter Camping Winter Camping is a completely different activity.  Most people who have tried it, don’t like it and most people’s first experience was through the scouting program.  In essence, the dangers of winter camping aren’t all that...

First Backpacking Trip: Ruth Lake

I can’t tell you what to expect on your first backpacking trip.  I can tell you what to expect if you are camping with or near scouts. This is what happened the first time I went backpacking with my scout troop. I started my outdoor adventure at a young age.  I had a...

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It started with a river trip in 1980, and now it has pretty much come full circle. See where we have been and where we have yet to go.

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