What is Rockrunner.net?

Rockrunner.net is an outdoor adventure blog based out of the Salt Lake City area.  You can find out about new adventures, news, tips, how-to’s and gear.

We believe that it’s best to deal with stress in the outdoors.  We believe that you learn more about yourself when the world is on your back, or you are scared to death.  When the only thing that matters is getting down alive or through the rapid, you realize what is important and what isn’t.

Our mission is simple: To Make Fun Your Lifestyl

Who we are!

Rockrunner.net was dreamed up by four friends on a canyoneering trip to the Robber’s Roost in 2008.  Since then many people have come and gone, but the core remains the same: David, Andy, Sharod, Max, Marina, and Disco.  People who are passionate about living life one adventure to the next.