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Logan Garments Sponsorship, Is it a Scam?  I Checked It Out So YOu Don’t Have To!

Nobody has ever accused me of being uninquisitive.  I remember one time I saw a little dancing cat on the corner of my screen, it had a little red top hat and was doing that little kick thing that they used to do in all those old movies.  Now every fiber of my being told me clicking on it was a bad idea, except my curiosity streak.  That was many years ago, and I haven’t seen the dancing top hat cat since, but I still remember the virus spawned pornado that hit my computer almost immediately after I clicked it.


​It’s this level of curiosity which drives my thirst for adventure and a storage unit full of toys necessary to fuel my next adventure.  It makes me the perfect target for questionable propositions like the next MLM which I won’t sign up for but will sit through a presentation to see what the newest gimmick is all about.

So when I get hit up on Instagram from Logan Garments, I was 100% sure what to make of it. Knowing it wasn’t legit, I turned to the mighty Bingler and searched “Logan Garments Scam.”   It popped up a couple of videos and forums about people talking about Logan Garments and how the sponsorship was a joke.


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How To Dress For Winter Camping

How To Dress For Winter Camping

How to Dress For  Winter Camping One of the single biggest barriers to enjoyment of winter activities is improper attire. Traditionally when we go outside during the winter, we throw on the warmest thing we can find and call it cozy. This is a great strategy if you...

Buying Guides

Guide to Buying a Tent

Guide to Buying a Tent

It was the fall of 2007. A group of 8 of us were camping on the Egypt plateau. In the morning we were going to begin the ultra-long trek to Neon Canyon.  However that night Tefnut, the Egyptian goddess of rain had other plans, and I learned the value of a decent tent....

Gear Reviews

Vibram Five Fingers Review

Vibram Five Fingers Review

Backstory In 2007 I sprained my ankle backpacking in the Sawtooths. In 2008 I sprained my ankle hiking in the Robber’s Roost. The next year I sprained my ankle hiking in The Spur. Ankle injuries were a yearly occurrence. Many people wouldn’t recognize me without the...

How To’s

Make Your Own Footprint

Make Your Own Footprint

I have never been fond of tent footprints. I hardly ever use them and I definitely don’t pay $30 for them. However, if you must have a footprint, but don’t want to dip into your children’s college fund to buy one, there is a way to make one for cheap. All you need is...

Outdoor Adventure Destinations

The Adventurers Guide To Utah

The Adventurers Guide To Utah

The Complete Adventurers Guide to Utah When it comes to outdoor recreation, very few states compare to Utah.  When most people think of Utah, they think of skiing, national parks, funny alcohol laws or Mormons.  But what they don’t think about is the variety of...

First Time Stories

First Backpacking Trip: Ruth Lake

First Backpacking Trip: Ruth Lake

I can’t tell you what to expect on your first backpacking trip.  I can tell you what to expect if you are camping with or near scouts. This is what happened the first time I went backpacking with my scout troop. I started my outdoor adventure at a young age.  I had a...

Gear Articles

How Do Hand Warmers Work

How Do Hand Warmers Work

The Types of Hand Warmers There are two main types of hand warmers; each one uses a different method to create heat. However, both of them rely on chemical reactions.  One gives long-lasting results that can last up to ten hours; the other only last for short periods...

The Latest Adventure

The Milner Mile: A Hidden Gem Born From Collaboration

The Milner Mile: A Hidden Gem Born From Collaboration

​ It’s a rare opportunity when the energy company, farmers, and the outdoor recreation community work together.  When you watch the news, you won’t even know that cooperation exists. Most rafters are used to ranchers and farmers putting up barbed wire over rivers or...

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